4 AUGUST 2019


Filipino Artist & Designers Garapata and Zacarias 1925 will invade /THE LAB/ with a special installation of ZACARPATA art, objects and bags.

Aromatic curators Barratt Riley & Co will enhance the experience with a botanical scent installation capturing several of the diverse landscapes of the Philippine archipelago. Within the exhibition, patrons are invited to learn about the selected botanicals’ aromatic properties and geocultural significance.

/THE LAB/ by Please Do Not Enter also debuts Filipino-American Designers Carlyle Nuera and Maaari.

Carlyle Nuera, Lead Designer for Barbie Signature at Mattel debuts “Panit’, the Waray word for ‘skin’,  a collection of 5 Terno blouses in shades of skin tone colored silk organza. The collection represents the range of skin tones that Filipinos possess, a range not always fully represented in media.

MAAARI is the dream of modern design rooted in consciousness and inspired by Philippine culture. Run by three Filipina-American women—Jeanette Sawyer, Ivy Ocampo, and Samantha Roxas are designers and storytellers dedicated to honoring their roots and elevating the culture.The brand launches a selection of adornments and home goods featuring new and exclusive Ritual Mask Burners, the Lunar Jewelry Collection, and the Banga Ceramics.

In 15th century Mindanao, indigenous Filipinos covered the faces of the deceased with gold funeral masks. Since gold was believed to hold magical powers, the masks were meant to protect the soul from evil spirits. The Ritual Mask Burners honor Filipino ancestry and empower cultural identity through this re-specialization of a traditional artifact. The act of burning incense and bundles has long been used to enhance intuition, connect to the spiritual realm, and dispel negativity. In tying together these age-old practices, the Ritual Mask Burners are a conduit in connecting to ancestors, land, spirit—and in recovering self.

Inspired by indigenous Filipino culture and contemporary art and design, chief designer Jeanette Sawyer, fuses modern sensibility, metal smithing methods and traditional Filipino techniques to create MAAARI's uniquely handcrafted jewelry.
Made traditionally by Philippine Kalinga women, Banga (ba-nga) were pots used for cooking, water, food storage and bartering. When fetching water for the village, experience and skill determined how many pots they could balance on their heads, and the more pots they could stack, the higher their standing was within the community. The Banga Collection, designed by creative director Ivy Ocampo, is a testament to the Filipina spirit and a symbol for women everywhere who juggle every day challenges with strength and grace.


MAY 7 –– AUG 4